The Challenge 67' Class yachts were designed for the Challenge Business by an appointed design team, specifically to race around the world “the wrong way. The design brief called for exceptionally strong, seaworthy, fast, atractive, modern steel yachts that were able to sail to windward across the Southern Ocean in relative comfort.

Safety was paramount both in terms of structural streght and crew safety. Because of the One Design nature of the Race, the design was not influenced or distorted by any rating rule and a sensible displacement was specified.

Other important design considerations include ease of access to the structure, equipment, systems, wiring and fittings for maintenance and inspections both at sea and in harbour. Every piece of equipment had to be robust enough to survive a race around the world with minimum maintenance.

Many of the design principles were based on Sir Chay Blyth's experience of sailing around the world single handed against the prevailing winds and currents. Devonport yachts (DML) was chosen to build the fleet to Bureau Veritas highest notation.

The Challenge Fleet was designed to be self-sufficient and have adequate stowage to enable them to stay at sea for up to 55 days in any part of any Ocean with 14 crew aboard. The Challenge races have illustarted the yacht's ability to do this with a surprising degree of comfort, in absolute safety.

ELINCA is 11th of the fourteen yachts of the Challenge 67' Fleet. She was launched in 1996 as “Time & Tide” and participated in the BT Global Challenge 1996/97 Round the World Race. She was the first ever handicapped crewed sailing yacht taking part in this Race.

After the Challenge Business Fleet had been sold out, TIME & TIDE was bought by a Scottish company, renamed ELINCA and used as a charter boat in the Hybrides. She went round the world once again in 2013. After she successfully completed her voyage, the company went bancrupt and ELINCA was put up for sale.

In 2015, she was bought by a private owner who, unfortunately, did not have sufficient funds for a major refit she required and put her up for sale a year later.

In December 2016, she was purchased by the present owner, Sea Benefit Ltd. After being registered under Dutch Flag, she underwent a major refit in 2017 in Poland, her interior virtually rebuilt. She has brand new wiring and plumbing systems and offers a four star accommodation to all who want to come on board.
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